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What do I do if my phone says network unavailable?
Last Updated 5 years ago

This error message is caused by the phone not having a live internet connection.

1. Verify that the internet connection going to the phone is plugged into the port labeled internet and the other end is plugged into a live internet connection. ( Examples: Wall Outlet, Router, or a Switch). Unplug the cable and plug it back in to confirm it is getting a good connection. 

2. If you have confirmed that the Ethernet cable is plugged in properly and you still do not have service then proceed to unplug the power from the phone for 10 seconds. If there is no power cable going to your phone then it is powered through the Internet port (ethernet cable) and it will need to be unplugged for 10 seconds.

3. If the above steps do not work you may need to unplug the switch and router for 10 seconds. He are a few examples of what they my look like. Keep in mind when you unplug them everyone on the network will lose internet and phone service for approximately 2 minutes. It is always a good thing to let everyone know before you do this so they can save anything they are working on and end any phone calls in progress.

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